Respiratory Therapy vs Rad Tech 
Difference between Respiratory Therapist and Radiologic Tech 

High School Students and Radiology
 What I would recommend to a high school student taking a look at radiology as a field of choice?

 Number one, make sure that you are fluent in your sciences, your biology and your chemistry as with a lot of other healthcare careers, those are very important when working with a human body. Secondly, math is very important because you do take care of your own equipment and those equations are going to be important in this position. The salary range is anywhere between thirty to forty thousand per year, you need to have at least an associate%u2019s degree with a local community college or university, you can get a bachelors but most hospital settings will require only an associate%u2019s degree, for more information about radiology positions, our blog has detailed information on their about positions as well as the ability to apply for those positions.

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