Respiratory Therapy vs Rad Tech 
Difference between Respiratory Therapist and Radiologic Tech 

 There are a lot of advancements, there are also a lot of opportunity to cross train. One of the best things that happened to me over my career was is I was doing a routine exam on a patient and when I was reviewing the images, I noticed something that didn't look quite right to me so I took it to the radiologist and he pointed out that it was an aneurism that could possibly have saved the gentleman's life.

 We are a small community hospital so our rad techs interact with a lot of different types of physicians who are teaching school so there are some interns in residence. A typical workday is you will report to work, there will be a board with your name and what your assignment for the day is, you could be assigned to the ER room, you could be assigned to surgery, you could be assigned to the fluoroscopy room for the day. Right now we have people that work for eight hours a day, ten hours a day or twelve hours a day so there is a schedule that would meet everybody's needs.

 I think you need to be in very good physical shape, it's a very physical job, you have to help patients to get up out of their wheelchairs and onto tables and get them into position you need to have them in to get the images that you need for the physicians. As a manager, I think I look for people that are self motivated, self starting that have a real desire to help people, an outgoing friendly personality, part of your job is to put somebody at ease, they are in a hospital, they don't feel well and a lot of it's scary and quite confusing to them so you really need to be able to talk to them and make them feel comfortable with you and your professionalism and your abilities.

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