Respiratory Therapy vs Rad Tech 
Difference between Respiratory Therapist and Radiologic Tech 

Why Radiology Career?
 I became interested in radiology when I was in high school and I injured myself and I had to have an X-ray and I talked to the technologist that was taking my X-rays and I really thought that would be something that I would like to do so I went to see my guidance councillor and she helped me find a school.
 One of the main goals of a X-ray technologist is to provide images for radiologist, a radiologist is a physician that is trained in interpreting the images that we create as the technologist. There are five different modalities and they are diagnostic radiology which is the every day radiology tech that you see taking images of a broken leg or arm then there is a CT technologist that takes pictures or images with a computerised generated pictures and then there are MRI technologists and those images are taken with a Magnetic Frequency, there is an ultrasound technologist who provides images with sound and then there is a nuclear medicine technologist where those images are produced after you are injected with a radio pharmaceutical.

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